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Industry Era Sept 2018

Industry Era
"Mapping at an Entirely New Level"
- October, 2018

In North America alone, there are more than 30 million miles of buried utility lines including; electric, gas, fiber optic, water, and sewer works. Page Tucker, ProStar CEO and Founder, illustrates how managing this infrastructure using the ProStar Solution is so beneficial - In fact, the solution is so good, ProStar has been chosen as one of 2018's 10 Best Technology Solution Providers in the world by Industry Era Magazine.

Read the full article in Industry Era here or download a PDF here

Read the full October 2018 Industry Era magazine here


Colorado Biz July/August 2017

The Business Times
"Firms Partner to Bundle Software and Devices that Map Buried Utilities"
- January 24, 2018

ProStar Geocorp and Juniper Systems have collaborated bundled user-friendly software with rugged computers to offer equipment that maps pipes, cables and other underground utilities.

Read about ProStar' Partnership in The Business Times here


Colorado Biz July/August 2017

The Business Times
"ProStar Earns Funding for Smart City Efforts"
- November 23, 2017

ProStar Geocorp earns $250,000 grant to further efforts to make Grand Junction a model for more precisely locating and managing underground utilities.

Read about ProStar in The Business Times here


American Locator November 2017

American Locator
"Technology Will Change Utility Locating as We Know It"
- November, 2017

ProStar is changing the way new infrastructure is going in the ground.

Read about ProStar in American Locator Magazine here


Colorado Biz July/August 2017

The Business Times
"Making Cities Smarter"
- October 26, 2017

ProStar Geocorp has joined with the city of Grand Junction, Colorado in a project to use its technology to more precisely locate and manage infrastructure.

Read about ProStar in The Business Times here


Colorado Biz July/August 2017

Colorado Biz
"50 Colorado Companies to Watch"
- July/August, 2017

ProStar is one of 50 emerging enterprises that bolster state's business-friendly brand.

Read about ProStar in Colorado Biz magazine here


Colorado Biz July/August 2017

The Business Times
"Companies to Watch"
- June 27, 2017

ProStar's Page Tucker comments on being awarded one of the top 50 Colorado Companies to Watch and the attention it brings to the Grand Valley.

Read about ProStar in The Business Times here



The Business Times
"Tech & Rec" - June 15 - 28, 2017

ProStar leads the tech & rec initiative in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Read "Tech & Rec" article here


WPM May 2017

World Pipelines Magazine
"Improving ROA with modern technology"
- May 5, 2017

Page Tucker, Peter Forster and Carl Lashua (ProStar, USA), discuss improving return on assets with enterprise geospatial intelligence software for the midstream oil and gas industry.

Read the World Pipelines Magazine article here



CIO Review
"ProStar selected in listing of 20 most promising utilities technology solution providers"
- February 2017

The utilities industry has always relied on some form of mapping to manage assets and facilities. ProStar is among the 20 most promising utilities technology solution providers for 2017. Carl Lashua explains ProStar's cloud and mobile solution and how it is designed to improve existing business practices for collecting, qualifying, storing, managing and sharing critical information of both surface and sub-surface assets.

Read the CIO Review here at GJEP or download the PDF here



The Business Times
"The game's afoot" - January26 - February 8, 2017

SynapticSwitch finds its niche in a competitive environment and moves to the offices of ProStar Geocorp in Grand Junction to help ProStar render its geospatial information software and services in three dimensions.

Read "The game's afoot" article here


Denver Business Journal

Denver Business Journal
"Making Noise on the Western Slope"
- November 11 - 17, 2016

Out on Colorado's western slope quietly grows a tech community. But it may not stay quiet for long thanks to Page Tucker.

He's building his geospatial intelligence solutions company, Prostar Geocorp, into one of the most promising endeavors in the state while putting Grand Junction on the map.

Read "Making Noise on the Western Slope" article here


WPM Hybrid Cloud

World Pipeline Magazine
"The Hybrid Cloud" - August 2016

Page Tucker, ProStar Geocorp Inc., USA, and Peter Forster, Zetta Business Software Consulting Inc., discuss how cloud and mobile technologies can help mitigate risk concerns facing the pipeline industry.

Read "The Hybrid Cloud" article here


Business Times

The Business Times
"Envisioning the Future" - August 25 - September 7, 2016

Firm using augmented reality headsets to develop software to locate and manage infrastructure. Carey Wheeler, a geospatial intelligence specialist at ProStar Geopcorp in Grand Junction, dons a HoloLens headset to demonstrate the use of augmented reality in developing software.

Read "Envisioning the Future" article here



The Business Times
"Pointing the Way" - February 25 - March 16, 2016

High-tech firm among the first participants in Jump-Start effort. Page Tucker, president and chief executive officer of ProStar Geopcorp in Grand Junction, points out the features of the software his company has developed to help pipeline and utility industries locate and manage infrastructure.

Read "Pointing the Way" article here



World Pipeline Magazine
"Pieces of the Puzzle" - July 2015

A not-so-quiet revolution is taking place in our world. We see it every day in our private lives. The connections between cloud servers and our mobile phones and tablets are managing immense amounts of data. That data is pushed on demand in order to help us stay connected, remain up to date on important events, and to improve the management of our daily activities in today's modern world. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and now Uber are all changing the way we communicate, search, purchase, socialise, commute, and locate the products and services we desire. Now this same revolution is coming to the oil and gas industry.

Read "Pieces of the Puzzle" article here


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